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Need help getting your Duct Cleaning business off the ground ?

You've come to the right place.

Certified Ducts is now more than just training , now offering a marketing system just for duct cleaners. Created from 40+ years of selling duct cleaning now being offered in a Unique " Duct cleaners Success in a Box kit " where we supply you with just about everything you need to get your business humming.

Our Box kit can be tailored to include just a website or also add on social marketing creation and management ,Click funnel landing pages for lead generating, print media from business cards to brochures and doorknockers even a trade-show display if needed,

We are now your one stop shop to get you up and running . We also include equipment consulting to make sure you only buy the right gear. Don't waste money buying the wrong equipment !

We Know duct cleaning and our Websites show it.

If you were to hire a local web designer you would still be expected to write the content and figure out what to put on the pages to make it sell and then if you wanted a sales video that means writing a script , thinking up the shots, hiring an editor , shooting the footage and the list goes on , plus you also need to make sure the people you hire for all these steps is actually any good. There are a lot of steps that have to be done really well for the project to turn out right. Doing marketing well is a time consuming tedious process, it's not something that most people do very well.

We have taken the time and put in the tedious hours to get it right and now that effort is being shared with you .Our websites are created  & written by us. We know the right way to sell duct cleaning and it matters. You can take advantage of our copy-writing and marketing experience and you can also add your own flair with your own branded colours and pictures. We also work with a video maker that can make you a custom sales video, take it from us , videos on websites sell !
You supply us with the basics like some of your branded pictures such as your truck with signage , pics of you and your crew, and contact info, we upload the info into one of our pre-made templates and your website is up and running many times in a few days .

If you don't have a domain name picked out yet , we have a few domains already registered which you could license from us.

Check out our Certified Ducts Demo website , click on the pic !

Basic Digital Marketing.

Modern Marketing requires far more that just a website , we also offer all the newest methods for reaching customers and getting those bookings.
We can help you set up your initial Facebook and Instagram pages,
Google business listing/map, Linked In , Pinterest.

Advanced Digital Marketing.

There's more to posting on Facebook then just taking a picture. Having a well thought and CREATIVE plan that carries your message is crucial if you are ever going to build your business. You need interesting and unique content with posts almost daily. As well as creating killer Paid Ads to grab your clients attention and get them into your landing pages where you can sell your services. Paid ads and landing pages can make a world of difference on generating new clients if done correctly.

With Advanced digital Marketing you have :

Ad creative : someone thinking up the ads and landing pages and then designing them to look appealing.
Social Media Management: someone who manages the ads and posts and uploads them everyday or 2 and runs the ad campaigns. 
It's important to note the differences as they are billed and done as 2 separate practices when done at a high skill level.

We offer both the creative and the management but you are still required to take part in the process such as supplying on the job pics, local pics, etc , we have a long list we give you to take pics throughout the year so at least you don't have to think hard about the content.

Old School marketing.

Business cards, brochures, door knockers and Trade show displays, we can help with a show stopping design.We also have an "Insights guide" that will come with a full section on how to take bookings and sell your duct cleaning over the phone as well as 32 Page Marketing book that details much of what we have covered above

Ongoing Support.

We can tailor a monthly fee in the even you want after support for more advanced consulting. Put our 40+ years to work for you , we can help with most things duct cleaning related. If you need help estimating a new job , Buying and expensive duct truck , or having an equipment issue we can usually help.


Take your pick, we can build you your own custom Duct Cleaners Website as well as supply you with the full realm of digital marketing and Old school Marketing with ongoing technical support to help get your business humming, or we also offer the Certified Ducts Brand Partnership , which is the full package with long term support. Which is great if your wanting someone to call on when you need help with estimating or not sure how to do a job or just want help buying a duct truck.

Option 1

We Build you a
Duct Cleaners WEBSITE.



Hire us to build you a website from one of our template designs.Basic Websites start at $1500 + $60 per month to cover hosting and maintenance and any changes you need throughout the year .

Fees go up from there depending on if you want more functionality, sales videos etc .

Marketing : ( costs extra )
you can also hire us to :
Create your social media accounts
Register Google Business Listings
Create social media Creative
Manage day to day social Media Posts
Sales Funnels landing page/lead gen systems
Print Design: ( costs extra )
brochures, door knocker flyers, van or truck signage
trade show displays

Ongoing support:
Contact us when you need help whether it be a simple question , need help buying an expensive duct truck, estimating a job, pricing etc. We have monthly plans for consulting that can help you get ahead.


Option 2

We also offer a full brand partnership. We License you the Certified Ducts Name and marketing system which you can use to become successful. You still use your own company name but add the Certified Ducts Partner label to all your marketing, we add your name and location to our Consumer Website.

When you become a Brand Partner many of the items in the Option 1 are automatically included as you need these things in order to build your brand. Such as the Social media Marketing, Sales landing page lead generation systems & Ongoing consulting support.

There is a catch though ! In order to take on the Certified Ducts Brand you have to not only participate in the training and take the certification test , you also have to sign a Quality Pledge which we take very seriously . You can learn more about the Costs and the Brand Partnership Program here :


Brand Partnership Program