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Why buy this Online Training Course?

Reduce Training Time

Dramatically shortens your training curve and gets new hires into the field on their own much faster

Better Cleaning

Educated workers will clean better, have less headaches and enjoy their jobs more

QUADCA Approved

Certified Ducts is an Official Partner of QUADCA, the Qualified Air Ducts Cleaning Association

Better Customer Service

Certified Ducts will help Duct Cleaners provide better customer service to clients

Competitive Edge

People will always hire someone who is certified over someone who is not.

Increase Sales

Certified Employees can help you increase your customer base

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What do I get with this? How much does it cost?

50% off for the next 100 students: Residential Duct Cleaning Course

$599 $297 USD/person

Essential Certification (Company pricing available. Please contact us)

  • Includes Certification test
  • The correct process for Cleaning HVAC systems
  • 7+hrs of thoroughly explained Duct Cleaning
  • Learn from real Duct Cleaning jobs taking place
  • Learn how blowers are removed
  • Learn how furnaces and AC systems work
  • Learn the Tools required and how to use them
  • Tips and Tricks from Industry Professionals
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Receive a Virtual Certification Badge Upon Completion

 Certified Technicians

  • Know More 

  • Get Hired More

  • Earn More

After completing our course you will receive a digital certification badge that can be used to show your customers and add to a website or a QR code on your printed marketing material to prove that your certification is valid.

Air duct cleaning certificate
QUADCA approved air duct cleaning courses

QUADCA Approved!

Our training course is approved by QUADCA (Qualified Air Duct Cleaners Affiliation). Completing our course certifies you for one of the three prerequisites to become a QUADCA Member.

The Right Equipment

The Right Knowledge

Ethical Practices

Air duct cleaning instructore Jim

Meet your Instructor

Jim Thomson has been in the Duct Cleaning industry for over 40 years. Starting out cleaning ducts as a teenager in his family company to launching a respected equipment manufacturing company, Jim knows the industry inside and out.


Read Jim's biography

Why choose Certified Ducts for online training?

Derived from industry professionals with 50+ years experience

Get Certified

Our Certification rating shows you have a minimum level of competency in the furnace and air duct cleaning field.

Learn at your own Pace

From the comfort of your home you can take the course over the period of weeks or even in a single work day, it's your choice.

No Travel Costs

No need to spend extra money booking a hotel, purchasing tickets for flights or travelling to a test center.

QUADCA Membership Discount

This course certification completes 1 of the 3 requirements for membership in QUADCA: The Right Knowledge

Learn from Industry Experts

The content in our training series is derived from over 50 years of hands on professional experience in the industry

Business Growth

Education is the key to growth. Even experienced veterans can learn alternative cleaning/business methods

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Learn more about our Training Course

7+ hrs of Video

Our course walks students through a full duct cleaning job, covering everything from the tools used and common mistakes to avoid.


This is a specialized Online Residential Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning course made specifically for the Duct Cleaning Industry.

Passing Grade: 80%

Achieve 80% or higher on your test score to become certified, ensuring students have listened and understood the curriculum.

Marketing Module

An Online Business and Intro to Marketing your duct cleaning business course is available as an additional module.

1 on 1 Coaching

At extra cost and only if course is taken, you can book a personal video session to discuss anything from sales ideas to technical questions.

Hands on Training

Hands-on training is only available after the online course is completed at a few different locations across the USA and Canada. Contact for details.

"A really helpful course to refresh what you have learned.
Jim explains everything very well, comprehensibly and above all logically.
I like that Jim has hit just the right balance to keep you entertained. To the point! Super!"

-Claudio Santoro

"Fantastic program. I learned so much and use the techniques daily! Highly recommended!"


"This was so helpful. I have all these tools but wasn't sure when to use them."


"Finally an online course tailored just for residential furnace and duct cleaning and you don't have to join an organization to take part in it."

-Billy B.

"I like that your course doesn’t tell you one brand of equipment to buy. It was very thorough."


"Very well done and comprehensive course. I will definitely be sending all new employees here to take the training."

-Henry F.

How does the course work?

You start by signing up and paying for the course by simply clicking any of the sign up now buttons, once you have signed up , then you will watch all of the videos in each course. After each video module you will take the quiz and answer all of the multiple choice questions . If you get a minimum of 80% on your quiz then it proves you have watched all the videos and understood the content which makes you eligible for the Certification. 

How long is my certification good for?

Currently the certificate is valid for 2 years at which point you would need to renew the certificate by retaking this course and any new material which has been added since your last certification. New training material is added on regular intervals as we are continually striving to keep up with the duct cleaning industry. The re-certification is charged at a reduced rate.

How long does it take to learn?

The Course is approx 6.5 hours long of actual videos but you can watch them at your own convenience. Most people cover this course on a weekend. 

This course covers the basics of residential furnace and air duct cleaning, it DOES NOT cover commercial Hvac systems cleaning.

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