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The Brand Partnership.

Willing to work your butt off to become successful?

Believe in only doing QUALITY work?

Then you may have what it takes to Partner with us ...

It's time we
change the game

The chances are you became a duct cleaner or wanting to become a duct cleaner because you want the freedom of self employment and working hard is not a problem for you?

But then comes the realities of Self employment, you are working 12 - 16 hours days or worse your not working much at all .
You're not sure the right ways to market your business and don't want to waste money on ads that suck.

You're brand new and not sure all the proper ways to clean ducts or just have no time to train your employees,

Your exhausted from either working to much or stressing cause your not working at all ?

That's where Certified Ducts comes in , We come from a long history of duct cleaning ourselves , ( since 1980 ) and we know how it can be sometimes. Which is why we created the Certified Ducts Brand Partnership.



  • A completely new and Unique approach to helping duct cleaning businesses grow and expand by using our 40+ years of industry experience, our marketing systems such as the shared use of the Certified Ducts website , print media, trade show displays, Social Media marketing, and of course all Partner members are required to take part in our Training courses.
  • The system is much like a " Success in a Box" where you can get all the really important stuff to get you started off on the right track and then we stick around to help you keep growing by the shared use of our marketing systems and training programs.
  • You will be part of an old experienced duct cleaning family with all the knowledge and benefits that can bring but without the hassles of a franchise system.

Gotta have the
right gear

You can use your own gear if you already have it or we can help you figure out what equipment is best for you , we do have a standard on the type of Gear you use . Such as it has to be a Negative air system either Duct Trucks or Portable high powered Vacs and 175PSI min compressed air. We don't care what brand your using such as Nikro, Hypervac , Caddyvac, Pringle, Meyers etc.

We absolutely do not condone the use of Ram Air , Spin Duct , Rotobrush , ProAir, or any type of carpet cleaning attachment , If you prefer these equipment types then the Certified Ducts Partnership is not for you.


We are happy to consult : Before you buy any gear we should be your first call, so we can look over your equipment quotes for you to make sure your not buying a bunch of extra stuff you may not need or ever use. Plus some items you may want to buy at different places and some stuff you will want to find locally like your metal patch plates, screws, foil tape etc,so your not paying out a bunch on shipping.


Many times our upfront fees we charge you end up saving you more money in the end by buying the right stuff at the start and not wasting a bunch of money on uneducated decisions.


We also have our own prearranged equipment packages with the leading equipment manufacturers that are already set up with the exact gear you need and sometimes at lower costs than if you were to buy it yourself. Many times our savings can actually cover our initial Business In A Box costs. You get top gear for less and with no hassles.You would still buy the gear from the manufacturer but under under the Certified Ducts pricing package plan.

Enhanced training Program for residential duct cleaning with ongoing support.

You will need to take our proven training video series along with our certificate of completion. Once completed , we are there ready to help you get out into the wild and start doing your first jobs.

When you have questions at a job, you can take pics and send them to us or do a face-time at the job if you need to, we will do our best to walk you through the issue you are having. Usually most techs figure out the technical stuff after a handful of jobs.

Hands on training at your location can be offered at extra cost or you can come to us to in beautiful Kelowna, BC Canada.
(All extra training/travel costs are outside the general scope of our base costs).

Start up Checklists, Insights and Quality Pledge Certificate.

You will receive our checklist on starting up the business for things you need to do to get going such as insurances, WCB, government tax ids,etc.
Our "Insights To Duct Cleaning" Booklet , written from 40 years of experience.
We also have a pledge from each partner to always do their best to uphold quality workmanship and ethics in all business dealings.
We like to joke around, laugh and really enjoy life but the quality pledge is the one thing we do take seriously.

Use the name and Website : and/

Save the $3K it costs to make a decent website , use ours! as a Brand partner you can simply use the joint website and your company is listed as one of the locations. We are constantly tweaking our website with new high quality videos and pictures which would be time consuming for a solo duct cleaner to do at our level, your better off taking advantage of our expertise in this area and use it to your advantage . We are also working to move it up the rankings on seo. Its better for you to spend your time business building in other areas.

Also important to note , you would still use your own company name if you wanted , as we are meant to be a Brand Partner, so you would still call your company for example " Jimmy Ducts " a Certified Ducts Partner . You could also use the Certified Ducts branding in your actual name but would have to adjust it slightly, for example ,

"South Central Certifed Ducts " so that way if there was someone else in your region then there would be differences .






Digital Marketing set up.


We start off with getting you up and running with all the new modern marketing systems such as helping you create a Facebook page , Instagram account and of course Google business listings / maps which are absolute must haves to get started.


Social Media Management.

Social Media Marketing : As a Certified Ducts Partner you are entitled to take part in our social media marketing system , we have a structured platform we use to help you build your social media presence. We don't do it all though, you still need to take pics of yourself working, pics of your day to day jobs, local landmarks , etc .
We have a list of the pics we like you to take. Then you send them into us and we incorporate your pics into the daily posts we make each day for each region we have partners in.

There is an extra monthly cost to manage your social media and build your online presence , its usually the exact same or cheaper then hiring a local media manager except when we do it we make sure it meets our high quality standards. Better to create posts that build you up , instead of poor quality posts that make you look bad.

Paid Ads Marketing. 

We don't stop at basic social media Marketing, there is a lot more to generating business on Social Media then just making some posts everyday . We also have a paid marketing system to help you run targeted ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkd in etc . Our ads are typically much higher calibre than what a small business owner would usually create. Better ads make more sales .
Use the power of our marketing prowess to your advantage, plus you are less likely to waste money on poor ads that don't sell.

Funnels and landing page systems . 

A big part of getting bookings in the modern era is to use Landing pages to find, educate, then sell, in order to book a customer in. We use our own unique ads in places such as Facebook to find potential customers then send them to our landing pages which sell the benefits of getting your ducts cleaned as well having them cleaned by a Certified Ducts Partner. We then send our lead over to you so you can book them in. When you become a Partner you are welcome to take part in our optional funnel marketing system, you would be expected to pay either a flat rate or a commission on each booking to help pay for our efforts.

Old School marketing.

Business cards, brochures, door knockers and Trade show displays

We have not forgot the importance of the old school approach and still probably the most important. Face to Face communication , for those people that have grown up in Facebook, that's where you talk to strangers while standing in front of them or on an ancient device called a telephone.


We also have an "Insights guide" that will come with a full section on how to take bookings and sell your duct cleaning over the phone.

Plus we also have print designs for 3 fold brochures , door knocker flyers to leave on neighbours doors as well as trade show displays that you can use when you have a booth at your local trade show.

We also work with your local sign shop to help you develop the decal kit for your vehicle. You can use massive Certified Ducts signage that really stick out or go with a simple understated design . That's up to you.



When you sign up , we send you our 32 Page Marketing book that details much of what we have covered above, plus we are always available when you have questions. Its part of why we call this a partnership and not a franchise,
we all work together to help us all thrive.

Ongoing Support ,
the most important element to this system

Consulting Services : Its part of why we charge the monthly fees, so we can keep helping you build after you are up and running. When you need help with estimating, technical questions Like "How to stop your airlines from freezing ", managing your day to day and scheduling, employee management . Basically your not left hanging out in the cold, when you have a question we will do our best to help you find the answers .
You also get access to our design dept for your own print media, back drops, websites etc mainly for when you want to have more custom stuff made up or maybe new signage on a duct truck. We will work with your local print shops to get the project properly sorted.

And here's what we are not .

We're not a franchise system , there are no assigned geographic protected territories, We make our living by helping all those that want it. We do however try to keep all the Certified Ducts partnerships working apart as much as possible and limit 1 Partner per 100K people in a region but at the end of the day ,we ALL do better by working with each other rather than against , save the competitive spirit for the scammer guys and choose to work alongside your fellow partners even when they are in your region. There will be times when you get a job to big for one partner but if you get along with someone else in your region then you can do those jobs together. We all prosper if we work together, Open minds creates open doors.


We are not here to preach or bug you to work, some franchise systems will pressure you constantly, not us, you work when you want and we won't be calling and bugging you unless you need us, then we are there for you.


The Brand Partnership System

Full Training , Marketing, Consulting , Website and ongoing support Success in a box system :

The upfront initial cost is $3500.00 USD
and a monthly fee of $200 per month
(or pay annually $2200 USD)

What you get :
Trademark License to use the Certified Ducts Branding
Initial Consulting to help you pick
out equipment if needed and answer industry related questions.
Website: your location is added and becomes part of your marketing system
Marketing plan Manual dedicated for duct cleaners
Training Program 6.5 hour online course
Ongoing no charge access for all future employees who need to take the training course
Brochure Design
Door Knocker Design
Business Card Design
Trade show back drop design
Set up Social Marketing
Set up marketing Funnel/Landing page
Ongoing Consulting:
Training questions
Equipment questions
Marketing questions
Ongoing access to our design specialists when needed
Annual membership to Quadca: Qualified Air Duct Cleaners Affiliation .

NOTE : day to day social Marketing Management and the managing of the Click funnel landing pages Lead Gen system is done at extra cost and determined by what all you want accomplished. This is not included in the $200 monthly fee. Check with us for costs.

No long term contracts . We're pretty easy to get along with, you can cancel this anytime. Simply call or email us and we will cancel the agreement. You would be required to remove any decals etc from your vehicle and equipment.
Keep in mind it will take approx 6 - 12 months to get through the learning processes and start building your business. This is not an overnight success promise , this is the real deal .

Right now the initial fee is only $3500 but it wont stay that low forever , it will be increasing to $7000 in the near future, if you want to join then now has never been better. keep in mind, a typical website with custom video, and all the design time and training would probably cost upwards of $10K to $20k to do all this on your own not to mention you would need to set aside hundreds of hours of of time and have the creativity and skill set to do it all.

Contact us , I want to learn more !