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Full Course Outline for "Residential Duct Cleaning Online Certification Course"

40 years of Duct Cleaning expertise condensed into less than 7 hrs. Browse the topics covered in the course outline below.

Course Introduction:

  • Meet your Instructor
  • Disclaimer
  • What is Residential and Light Commercial Duct Cleaning?
  • Why Get your ducts cleaned?

HVAC Systems:

  • What is a Central Air Heating System?
  • Multi-Zone Systems
  • Inspecting the Heat Exchanger when no AC Coil
  • Ways to Heat a Home
  • Types of HVAC Systems
  • Furnace Filters
  • Gravity Furnaces
  • Mobile Homes and Concrete Slab Homes


  • Air Compressors
  • Air Compressors: Freezing of Airlines
  • Air Compressors: Exhaust Awareness
  • Duct Trucks
  • Portable Gas Vacuums
  • Slide In Vacuums
  • Portable Electric Vacuums
  • Filters for Portable Electric Vacuums
  • Costs of Portables vs duct Trucks
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Equipment that Doesn't Work

Furnace Peripherals:

  • Humidifiers
  • UV Lights

The 15 Steps to Duct Cleaning:

  • Step 1: Survey the Job
  • Step 2: Test Run the System
  • Step 3: Check that Power to the Furnace is Off
  • Step 4: Check for Gas
  • Step 5: Turn Off or Remove Peripherals from the System
  • Step 6: Remove the Blower
  • Step 7: Hook Up Vacuum Hose
  • Step 8: Seal Off the System
  • Step 9: Bringing Hose Into the House
  • Step 10: Blowing the Main Supply Ducts
  • Step 11: Cleaning the Main Trunk Lines
  • Step 12: Cleaning the AC Coil and Heat Exchanger
  • Step 13: Cleaning the Return Air System
  • Step 14: Cleaning the Furnace Itself
  • Step 15: Packing Up

Final Course Video: Full Cleaning from A-Z:

  • Full Home Duct Cleaning

Tips and Advice from Industry Experts:

  • Jim Thomson: Ways to Increase Suction
  • Jim Thomson: Mice Snakes and Disinfectant
  • Jim Thomson: Old Houses and Preventing a Woolworth
  • Being a Brand Ambassador as a Technician
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